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NSEP's wiki for healthcare workflow descriptions


This is a wiki for The Workflow Managment coalition (WFMC) defines workflow as "the automation of a business process, in whole or in part during which documents, information or work items are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules". Workflow is about "how tasks are structured, who performs them, what their relative order is, how they are synchronized, how information flows to support the tasks and how tasks are being tracked". The technical definition of workflow modeling is "Decomposition of workflow subcomponents and analysis of their internal relationships". Adapted to the healthcare domain, workflow modeling is to decompose healthcare processes by describing the participating actors, which objects they act upon and how their work influence on these objects.

Descriptions of health care activities as components in cross-institutional workflow processes has the potential to improve the understanding of care as a continous, interdependent, highly coordinated set of activities. In the context of EHR systems development, descriptions of healthcare workflow can be used to support functional demands and as such, improve EHR functionality and clinical usefulness (Berg 2003). Workflow descriptions can also be used in the context of EHR evaluations.

Clinical workflow models must visualize the flow of and actions on the following objects:

  • the care mandate, how the right to provide care to the patient flows between institutions and is delegated within institutíons
  • the physical patient, his flow between different health care professionals within and across the borders of health care organisations
  • biological samples, which are drawn from the patient and analyzed in laboratories
  • the information that arises from analyses of biological samples,
  • the information objects resulting from MRI, X-ray and other imaging analyses,
  • the information which is created when health care professionals interview and examine patients, make diagnoses, create, execute and evaluate care plans


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