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NSEP's wiki for healthcare workflow descriptions


This is a wiki for collaborative editing and sharing of descriptions of clinical workflow in healthcare. The aim is to provide a repository for such descriptions and thereby foster the development and refinement of workflow descriptions for use in healthcare systems development projects in the sector and in research (student) projects in medical informatics communities in universities.

Descriptions of health care activities as components in cross-institutional workflow processes has the potential to improve the understanding of care as a continous, interdependent, highly coordinated set of activities. In the context of EHR systems development, descriptions of healthcare workflow can be used to support functional demands and as such, improve EHR functionality and clinical usefulness. Workflow descriptions can also be used in the context of EHR evaluations.

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How to participate

  • Read here for info on how to create a workflow description.
  • More on editing pages on a wiki: editing pages

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Other resources

Wiki for workflow descriptions in Norwegian