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Aim to create a workflow description


  1. Log on. Create an account if you're not registered.
  2. Discover and read workflow desctiptions others have created
  3. You find a workflow description that resembles what you intended to create
    • The page is categorized as a draft (link to this category), or you think the workflow description needs improvement.
      • Feel free to click on "edit" to improve the page.
  4. You find a workflow description that resembles what you intended to create, but your aim is to create a workflow description for a particular healthcare subdomain or a workflow description that has different actors or resources.
    • Create a new page by making a link on an existing page (for instance on your user account's talk page). (In wikitext, the link should be written like this: [[Descriptive title of your page]]).
    • Save the page
    • Click on the link (which should be in red) to start editing the page
    • Go to Workflow description template
    • Copy the text on that page and paste it into the page you are about to create.
    • Copy whatever you like from other workflow descriptions
    • Create and categorize your workflow description
    • Save your new workflow description


Workflow description published




Computer that is connected to Internet and equipped with a web-browser.